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Magic Mountain Coupons

Do you want to ride the thrills at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles? Now you can get the best free coupons on this site to reduce your costs letting you enjoy every single dollar spent. Six Flags Magic Mountain coupons can be availed to get discounts on all the rides, and there are quite a few of them. This amazing amusement park is also adorably referred to as the iron park with all the steel used for the rides most of which are the first, only, biggest or tallest rides in their category. They draw excitement and wonder from every tourist who packs the Magic Mountain in his or her itinerary.

Get a flash pass for 41 dollars and avoid the line and a hurricane harbor water park for 30 dollars. You can buy your Xtreme Play Pass for 125 dollars including the flash pass and parking discounts. The seasonal pass is 70 dollars and general admission is 60 dollars. But these are the original prices. This site will provide you with Magic Mountain coupons which can help you save quite a few dollars off your entertainment budget. The discounted costs might add to the excitement of the ride and there are plenty of them you can choose from.

Online Magic Mountain Coupons

The Riddler is one of the most popular rides. The blazing fast coaster is easily the world’s fastest and tallest stand up roller coaster where you will stand, while racing at a whopping 65 miles per hour, twisting and turning through 360 degree vertical loops, 360 degree oblique loops, 150 feet long barrel rolls and two over-the-top diving loops. The total length is an amazing 4370 feet. Your printable coupons can provide you with more thrills like the Batman ride that combines mystique magic of the movie and state of the art technology.

Did you ever want to soar like the Superman? Well here’s your chance. Superman the Escape will let you accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in 7 seconds after which you can shoot straight up a 41 story tower. Another amazing ride is the Déjà vu where you will fly forward and backward. Dangling from sky lift style chairs, a 20 storey free fall at 65 miles per hour, racing through a 110 feet butterfly and rocketing up a 200 feet high tower are some of the physical wonders you will perform in this absolutely sensational ride before the directions are completely reversed. Goliath is another stomach churning coaster ride where you will race down at 85 mph from the top of 26 stories. There are so many rides, you cannot get enough of them in many trips, so always keep your Magic Mountain online coupons, which are a part of Amusement Park Coupons, handy and plan to seek the greatest thrills on the planet. Be it through roaring rapids, sandblasters, sky towers, tidal waves, swashbucklers or sierra falls, the excitement keeps pouring in continuously till you cannot take any more.

If you are drenched and satiated with excitement, relax yourself with Looney Tunes Characters, Sky Tower museum, Kid Karoke, and DanceDanceRevolution. There is something in it for everyone, from kids to adults. For the great music fans, there are festivals and holiday celebrations when jam competitions are organized and the best bands can showcase their music and talent to vast crowds by performing in Live and Local.

This site provides the best printable coupons like Castles N' Coasters Coupons and Exploring Sea World San Diego Coupons at Discount Prices that you can use to make sizeable savings on your family day out. By the time you complete all rides with the Magic Mountain online coupons, you would have saved more than a hundred dollars. This is the place to come to, when you need authentic free coupons to enjoy all the thrills that Magic Mountain offers.