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Idlewild Park Coupons

Idlewild Park is quite a great place for you to be on holidays or weekends. This site now offers the best Idlewild online coupons that you can use to avail discounts on the entry fee and the tickets for the rides. The printable coupons are quite handy too with chances of getting back to the attractions once in a while. There are plenty of things to do at Idlewild, whether it is taking the thrill rides or leisure rides in the train. What sets this wonderful theme park apart is its legacy as it has been around for a lot of seasons now.

Idlewild online coupons will help you save a few dollars even as you plan your weekend at this fun place. From idle to wild as they call it, there are 14 thrill rides to go with the eateries, games galore and nightly entertainment provided in the park.

Online Idlewild Park Coupons

An interesting ride offered at this park is the flying aces where you can be your own pilot and captain, maneuvering your flight which is aboard one of 10 suspended flying cars. The speeds of the cars touching 37mph could make the ride pretty exciting. Another interesting ride is the balloon race where 8 gondolas which are shaped like hot air balloons give the riders a sensational feeling of soaring into the sky as the balloons spin in large circles. Caterpillar is another popular ride, considered to be one of the classic thrills of Idlewild. It consists of a few linked cars that accelerate around the circular tracks. A green canopy covers the riders causing complete darkness so they don’t know where they are headed. Interestingly only 3 parks have caterpillar in North America.

If you are planning to get away with your family on weekends, you can head to this site for Idlewild coupons, which are a part of Amusement Park coupons using which you can get some discounts on the fares. This will ensure that your budget is tightly under the control unlike the fiery rides. The Idlewild Park also has the classic Ferris wheel allowing riders to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Laurel Highlands around. Kids specially love the Merry Go Round, centerpiece at the theme park since 1931. Paratrooper is another wonderful ride where 10 seats covered with umbrellas looking like parachutes spin around in a counter clockwise direction. The ride lifts to a precarious 45 degree angle giving a wonderful feeling of parachuting back only to rise back in a thrilling cycle.

Other interesting rides include the scrambler that moves in sweeping spins like a household mixer and the rollo-coaster that carries riders along a wooden hillside sweeping along the arc of a curve. The 6 armed spiders and the large super round up circular ride are two other popular rides that kids usually enjoy a lot. The Tilt-A-Whirl has riders spinning in cars on revolving platforms rolling over hills and valleys, under the effect of gravity and centrifugal forces, in random motion.

Avail discounts with the Idlewild Coupons, as well as Kiddieland Coupons and Kings Dominion Coupons online coupons because you would surely return another day to experience the thrills of the water rides. The Captain Kidd’s Adventure Gallery features 6 new waterslides along with tens of spray features. There are head first racing cycles and hydrosoakers where you and your friends can get drenched and soaked in water. There is a children’s pool called little squirts that keeps them happy while the pipeline plunge sends riders twisting down the pipelines in rafts that drop around 50 feet taking you for a joy ride.

The discounts provided by the Idlewild coupons available on this site will let you give your kids a fun day without spending a lot. Kids can enjoy the handcars, the dinosaurs, the doodlebugs and the motorcycles too.