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Avail online coupons from this site to get discounts at Hersheypark, where a fun day awaits you, your family and friends. Concerts, thrilling rides, Hershey gardens, chocolate world, sweet recipe collections, spa and golf are some of the innumerable attractions in this dream world. Hersheypark coupons will ensure that your weekend budget stays economical but the many attractions ensure your fun is unlimited and over the board. These printable coupons will help you have quite a thrilling day with discounts on the fares.

Most of the rides in Hersheypark are what you would like to call aggressive and high thrill, although there are a couple of moderate thrill rides. Save a few dollars with the best free coupons that this site offers to enjoy a ride in Comet, a roller coaster of wood which is fast paced and gives you a lot of twists, turns, spins, bumps, loops and sudden changes in direction. The 96 feet drop lets you attain a maximum speed of 50mph. A hot new airlift with a vertically inverted loop coaster is aptly named Fahrenheit. It will ascend 121 feet before dropping through a 97 degree loop. The high speed that riders experience is accentuated by an inverted loop, corkscrew, cobra element and an airborne inverted roll.

Online Hersheypark Coupons

Another popular ride for your family would be the lightning racer made of southern yellow pine wood with a double track and two staggered 90 feet lifts. The sidewinder with its boomerang trips has a 105 feet drop and 6 loops including 3 forward and 3 backward. Another popular ride at the Hersheypark is the Storm Runner, a one-of-a-kind coaster that will send you to 72mph in flat 2 seconds, 18 stories up. You will then fly through a 135 feet cobra loop, barrel rolls and a snake dive all before you could blink your eye.

This site provides you with authentic Hersheypark coupons. You can use these printable Amusement Park coupons to avail discounts at rides like the wild mouse and the wild cat where you will bump into corners, illusions and edges of the tracks at high speeds touching around 50 mph.

Hersheypark, like Idlewild Park Coupons, is the perfect place for a weekend outing with your kids and family. You could avail the Hersheypark online coupons from this site as there are quite a few attractions out there including the magnificent water rides which will give you some splashing fun. The Coastline Plunge called Riptide is an inline tubing ride where riders go through serpentine curves in enclosed and open sections. There are water curtains and splash pools 3.5 feet deep in this ride. Vortex is another fun water ride where riders speed down a tunnel with a diameter of 54 inches, shooting into a large bowl. The riders take multiple revolutions, move to the corkscrew center core and then finally through a chute into the landing pool below.

Whirlwind is another amazing water ride which takes you through a dark tunnel whose bottom drops out. The riders are then thrown into the upper segment of the whirlwind flume after which back to back vertical banks and centrifugal forces throw them around in all directions for an exhilarating experience.

The Hersheypark, as well as online Busch Gardens coupons are quite handy because there are various other attractions apart from the rides that everyone in the family can enjoy. The family shows at Giant Center and Hersheypark Stadium and the touring Broadway performances at the Hershey’s Theater are quite a hit with the families. The Hershey Gardens with 23 acres full of splendid flowers of all colors, the Butterfly House, the 11 acre ZooAmerica with around 200 animals and the world class museum that takes one through the lifetime of Milton Hershey are amongst the various other attractions at the park.