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Coney Island Coupons

There is never a dull moment at Coney Island. Classic rides and water slides, miniature golf courses and live events, the ambience of the Coney Island is always buzzing. This site will provide you with free coupons letting you avail massive discounts on the fares. The Coney Island online coupons are authentic and you can use these printable coupons to save a dollar or two on your weekend budget.

Avail the online coupons at this site to have the maximum fun in the many thrilling rides at Coney Island or Kings Dominion Coupons . Take your entire family for a ride in the bumper boats and have some fun, splashing waters. Alternatively you could just cruise along the waters of Lake Como, gently drifting in the Canoes or pedal boats. Another fun ride available at the classic park is the Dodgem which is quite popular amongst the kids and the teens.

Online Coney Island Coupons

Churn your stomach up a bit as the giant Ferris Wheel, a popular fixture at the place comes down 40 feet in the air, right over the sparkling blue waters of Lake Como. Get your free coupons printed out before you head to the flying bobs where you will go in every possible direction, up, down, or just round and round. The giant slide will help you race your friends and family.

One of the more popular fixtures is the grand carousel, which is antique styled with a diameter of about 36 feet. The rotation is quite a journey into the rich history of the Coney Island. The Python family roller coaster is another popular attraction where 1100 feet long track and a 40 feet drop awaits the children and adults of a family. The River Runner is fun too as the riders swing higher and higher over the banks of Lake Como. The swinging ship could be quite some fun if the entire family is out there.

Enjoy your family’s day out, using the online Amusement Park coupons to avail discounts at the various attractions in Coney Island. Rock O Plane and the scrambler are two other fun rides in the park but the one that really gets the riders screaming is the scream machine where you are air lifted 50 feet and then dropped in freefall for the thrill of your life. There are numerous classic rides like the spinning super roundup and the tornado like whirling device, the Tempest, the only one of its kind in Ohio state.

Get your Coney Island online coupons to take your kids out for a fun day at Coney Island. You will find quite a few interesting rides for kids like the boats and trains where kids can let their imagination loose becoming a train engineer or a commander at sea. Kids can have fun bouncing at the Frog Hopper or can take a flight over the park in the mini helicopters. If that doesn’t do, the kids can always fly their own airplanes going higher and higher. The slow and steady turtle parades and the racing rockets that carry kids on a trip to the moon are two other popular kiddie rides at the park.

Avail discounts with free Coney Island coupons as well as Magic Mountain Coupons Free Coupons from this site because the park is not all about dangling and flying in the air. The Sunlite pool is a major attraction with the twister ride, comprising of 4 chutes each 45 feet tall and quarter of a mile long. With the pipeline plunge, you can ride down a tube which is 45 feet high and totally enclosed. The cyclone, which is a 70 feet long spiral tub slide on the pool’s deep end and the in-pool speed slide provide you with a rush of thrills.