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Adventureland Coupons

You will need the authentic free coupons available on this site because the sheer variety available at Adventureland will mesmerize you. Print your online coupons and head straight to the amusement park which has something in it for everyone be it teens, kids or adults. The printable coupons available at this site can help save some dollars through discounts on many of the rides and attractions.

Use your Adventureland online coupons to seek discounts in thrill rides like the hurricane roaster where you spin and twirl through the tracks. The 59 feet high track of the coaster allows it to reach a maximum speed of 35mph with a total track length of 1430 feet. There are two trains and each of them can take 12 riders at a time. The ride time is 1 minute 26 seconds and one of the most attractive features of this ride is the vertical drop straight down of this compact twister coaster which will then complete a 180 degree turn before you can blink your eye.

Online Adventureland Coupons

Another interesting ride is the pirate ship as you sail high and large, braving tidal waves dangerous enough to not let those below 48 inches in height to take the ride. Ride the giant Frisbees or have some fun with the bumper cars smashing into each other to bring out the kid in you. This site provides you with free coupons that will help you save some dollars in the form of discounts at Adventureland. Enjoy a discounted ride with the printable coupons in The Frisbee which has a gondola rotation speed of 20RPM and can carry as many as 40 riders. The swing height is amazing and sometimes scary at 16 meters. What makes the Frisbee thrill rides so exciting is the fact that riders experience at some points acceleration 4 times that of earth’s gravity and at other points no gravity or weightlessness. Rolling and whirling in the air could hardly be more fun.

Another ride that teens will especially enjoy the most is the Music Express. Get your Adventureland coupons from this site and blast around vertically in either direction on this wonderful express. It is a wonderful team event where gravity brings everyone together while the steep hills make the coaster feeling really exciting. The diameter is 14meters, and the speed of the Music Express is 13 rpm where 3 riders can ride per car. The wave swing where you dangle and fly high in the sky is a hit with everyone.

The water rides at Adventureland let you splash your way through to happiness along with your kids. This site offers you free coupons that are genuine and you can print them out to avail discounts at the amusement park. The printable Amusement Park coupons are really handy as you experience the thrill of the water rides like the adventure falls. The Falls have 2 drops one of 7 meters height while another one of 11 meters. There is a special flume ride where passengers can float in curvy channels experiencing the sudden drops and the chutes where the boats speed up a lot. One can also enjoy the crocodile rides and the little dippers.

There are some wonderful kiddie rides too like the flying clowns, flying puppies, helicopters and carousels. Rides like Caterpillar and Super raider are especially popular with the kids. The kiddy carousel has some options too in the form of car, truck or motorcycle. Kids would also love to bounce in the Hip Hop wagon or cruise around Paris in their chosen profession as cop or a fireman. Now you can spend a cool weekend at this amusement park by availing the printable coupons like , Sea World San Diego Coupons or Legoland Coupons , available on this site.